September 19, 2007, otherwise celebrated as International Talk like a Pirate Day

My Pug Path to a Home

 I came to my current family by way of chance.  I was born with the name Bologna into a family who had another large dog and we were good friends.  I learned to defend myself and my parents think that is where I got my “little dog with a big attitude”.  But my life there was not perfect and I was sent to live with another family.  I loved that family.  They had two “Tim’s” which was kind of confusing, but I love my little boy Tim.  He played with me and we even dressed up and he would take me out for Halloween.  They were an adventurous family though and I couldn’t keep up.  They moved away so I came to be fostered by another loving family.  They looked at me funny at first, but I think I have grown on them.  I do have one of those faces.  🙂  I was only supposed to be with them for two years, but when my family went on another adventure, they thought it was best that I stay in one place and with my foster family.  I love my foster family, they take such good care of me.  I have never had so many toys or gone on so many car rides, they take me everywhere and we have so much fun.  I hope I stay with them forever

Favorite Activities

Eating, long walks, smelling other dogs, stealing socks