First Snow in Rivercrest

Rivercrest snow_1-13-2019
It’s the first snow of the season and the first in the new house.  And it was a doozie, we got more than a puggie size high.  I’d say about 10 inches which is really up past my belly.  I wore the shoes, but got them off in my active playing and again snow is nice for a little while.  I do like my red coat though, that was a good purchase, thanks Mom.

New Year’s at Gus’

Gus at NY_1-1-2019
New Year’s was spent with friends instead of at home this year and we went to see Gus and family.  How Gus was a rescue I can never figure out, he is so sweet and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to give him up.  Each time we see each other it’s a happy time.  Happy 2019 to all my friends, furry or not!

Looking for a Favorite Spot

New spot in the Sun_12-27-2018
We are finally in our new house.  I am still trying to figure out what are good spots and where I can go and can’t go.  We have moved around a bit the last few months so I am hoping this is truly my forever home as Mom keeps saying.  I do appreciate that this new house only has two levels and not a lot of stairs.  It’s more geared for us senior pugs.  I like the sun and maybe this will  be a great spot, I guess I’ll figure it out.

New Sweater

New sweater_12-16-2018
What can I say…I am a handsome pug.

Doggie Prison

Car Fence_11-24-2018

They had enough of me jumping around and have installed this contraption in the car.  Seems more like prison than I would like.  I know at some point I will be clever enough to figure out how to get around it, or maybe I can just look sweet enough they will take pity on me so I can sit on their lap.

NH Snow Boots?

snow boots_11-20-2018
These were Mom’s idea and I’m not thrilled.  I understand the concept and it has taken me a little practice to walk in them but I think I have the hang of it.  I am hoping we don’t get a lot of snow and I won’t need them but I do appreciate the effort to keep me warm and my feet protected.  Thanksgiving was supposed to have leaves, not snow.

Visiting Maisy

This is Maisy who is just the sweetest girl dog I know.  She is very gentle and is always very excited to see me.  She lives down the street and it was very nice I got to go to her house and we played.  Her parents are pretty nice as well…I’m not so sure though about her kisses.

The Perfect Sun Seat

Rylee and Dax_10-28-2018
Here I am catching up with some of my buddies, Ryle and Dax as we enjoy ourselves on the kitchen bench.  If this were my house I think I’d be on that thing all the time sunning myself.

Go Navy!

Navy football_10-20-2018
New adventures, I love them! We headed to a Navy football game and hung out with the tailgating gang of Navy grads.  Here is me in a respectful pose outside the stadium.  Unfortunately the midshipmen lost to Houston, but I think the gang still had a great time.

My 11th Birthday

Birthday Burger_9-19-2018
If this is a new tradition, getting a birthday burger, then I am loving it.  I got a very nicely cooked burger with cheese from Dad and Mom this year and it was delicious.  Makes turning 11 not so bad.